Samsung Chromebook Pro Review

Samsung Chromebook Pro Review

Samsung Chromebook Pro is amazing to handle and it has become the ideal in Indian market.So, I am Covering Samsung Chromebook Pro Review. The Chromebook Pro is extra fast and constituted many features that match your need. The 12.3 inch Chromebook Pro is having great laptop design with a 3.2 screen. It will solve the two purposes altogether, one is Android tablet and traditional Chromebook.

I just want head to the Specs of the Samsung Chromebook Pro and its other details so people would get to know about it in details.

1. Design

Samsung has designed Chromebook Pro with the aim in mind of portability. It is extremely lightweight compare to other laptop. This is class apart in looks. The 0.55 inch high frame and the sleek look are superbly designed with no compromise in its functions.

The aluminium body and all rounded edges with the softer metal give softer feel. The hybrid notebooks cannot match the quality of the Chromebook Pro. The view is also nice with the great screen. Ports are 2 * USB-C Gen 1, micro SD card slot and there is headphone jack.

2. Display

12.3 inches Chromebook Pro is having great laptop design with a 3.2 screen. It is powered with QHD display.

3. Camera

The camera is 720 p HD webcam which is good enough to use the Chromebook Pro. The quality of the screen and images will be the finest that you cannot ever imagine of.

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4. Storage

The 32 GB memory that will give more storage and you do not need to delete one thing to store other thing. The memory is sufficient to hang around with new apps. The RAM is 4 GB and LPDR3.

5. Connectivity

The connectivity is superb with the 802.11 ac 2 *2 Wi-Fi while the Bluetooth is 4.0. The better connectivity with the better Chromebook Pro. Transferring the files or data with connector is easy.


The Chromebook is powered with 0.99 GHz Intel Core m3 – 6y30 dual core. It can go upto 2.2 GHz.

Price and Availability

Samsung Chromebook has something special to have priced around AU $ 720 and I believe it is lot pricier than it its compititors. The sharper, faster and more functional so the price is. This is going to be sensational. It has been announced in the US and we don’t know anything about the official announcement of UK and Australia.
It comes with stylus and gets the best tech deals with the Samsung Chromebook Pro.

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