Microsoft Lumia 535 Review

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Microsoft Lumia 535 Review


Introduction & Design

In the event that you’ve taken care of one of Nokia’s boundless exhibit of Windows telephones in the previous few years spinning the Microsoft Lumia 535 round in your grasp will feel in a split second recognizable.

It’s a plastic shell, with adjusted corners and mysterious dark front. Slippy yet ready to take a couple of thumps, this screamingly orange gadget is yet an alternate in a progression of completely unsubtle Lumia gadgets – and its goshdarned modest too at £89 (around US$135, AU$164).

Be that as it may this isn’t a Nokia telephone. Indeed, in every way that really matters it is, yet no notice of the Finnish brand can be discovered anyplace on this deal valued cell phone. Where the old recognizable logo was, the Microsoft marking now sits gladly over the 5-inch show.


A few locales will get the double SIM variation, however the UK at any rate will get the single SIM handset. There’s additionally a microSD opening here, a vital incorporation as the 8GB of interior stockpiling will soon run dry when you begin pressing in applications.

Key Features

Pressing a 5-inch show into this minimal effort gadget is an amazing deed, regardless of the fact that the board on the Lumia 535 is a long way from great.

The 540 x 960 Gorilla Glass 3 covered showcase has pleasant shading multiplication, profound blacks and a not too bad hit of brilliance, however it needs detail. The blocky Windows Phone symbols look fine, however content is spiked. Perusing a site page is a strain and photographs need liveliness. It’s a disgrace, yet at this value I wasn’t expecting vastly improved.

Survey points are likewise poor. I needed to jack the splendor setting the distance to high, and I exited it there for the whole time I had the gadget, quite recently to verify I could read the presentation.

Performance and Battery Life

I’ve generally discovered execution on low-end Windows Phone 8 gadgets to be extremely great, regularly vastly improved than likewise valued Android gadgets.

While this has changed to a degree with telephones like the Moto G (2014) and Moto E, which are superb entertainers, regardless I think Windows Phone 8.1 is the best working framework for a financial plan gadget.

While general execution is fine, I’ve frequently run into slight issues that appear to be somewhat strange.

The Snapdragon 200 processor in the Lumia 535 makes swiping through menus and running the larger part applications a generally liquid experience, (helped by the liberal 1GB of RAM), however execution on the exceptionally graphical Asphalt 8 was somewhat spotty and I had the title crash on me various times.

The Essentials and Camera

The Essentials

I’ve become usual to utilizing 4G information for all my portable perusing needs, yet the absence of it on the Lumia 535 methods I was back to 3G paces.

On 3G the gadget performs well, with it grabbing an in number flag all over the place and calls delivering with a decent, fresh tone. You’ll additionally need to manage with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi systems, as its not perfect with 5GHz forms, because of just being Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n good. This prompts applications and site pages taking of an opportunity time to download than on a gadget bragging the speedier AC and N Wi-Fi models.

Actually, it presumably won’t be discernible unless you’re putting it straight on with a gadget that packs the quicker speeds, yet it is essential to note that on the off chance that you utilize a switch at home that parts the signs you’ll need to unite with the 2.4 GHz variant.


Ordinarily, I’d sit here and notice the back confronting snapper to start with, driving into a gesture about the front confronting form. I’d do this in light of the fact that on 99% of cell phones out there the back cam takes the features and packs more megapixels, more peculiarities and gets more utilize.

That is not so on the Microsoft Lumia 535, as both the front and back shooters gloat 5MP sensors and numerous ways the front-confronting one is all the more intriguing.


Living with a Windows Phone 8.1 gadget is both a charming and disappointing knowledge, whether that gadget is a high flying leader or, in the same way as the Microsoft Lumia 535, a £89 (around US$135, AU$164) entrance level model.

Certain things about it I truly love, from the tiled interface with those goodies of valuable information flipping into perspective to the awesome advanced aide Cortana

We liked

I additionally truly acknowledge how Microsoft has not weakened the product encounter here, despite the fact that its a less expensive handset. You get full Office access, full Cortana support and in light of the fact that it packs 1GB of RAM, you won’t run into amusements incongruently like you would if it was bragging 512MB.

While its a long way from premium, the fun, solid and strong form, alongside the removable back and splendid hues consolidate to make something that is flawless as an entrance level cell phone.

Having a wide-edge front confronting cam bodes well, whether its for selfies or Skype talks. It stops everybody feeling like they have all pressed in and guarantees you don’t incidentally miss somebody out of the picture

We Dislike

Execution in general is great, yet I did endure incessant disturbances that declined to go away. Screen affectability issues tormented my time with the gadget and I despise simply punching ceaselessly at a symbol different times before it reacts.

Despite the fact that applications like WhatsApp and diversions like Minecraft are accessible on the Windows Store, it irritates me how engineers discharge an application and afterward give it a chance to lay torpid with any upgrades and new gimmicks. As said, the Instagram application still doesn’t bolster feature, which just isn’t sufficient.

While the screen is consummately satisfactory at a telephone of this cost and having 5-inch presentation is clearly an or more point for some, I simply think it extends an officially low determination too far. I didn’t appreciate perusing or review pictures on the screen and the need dynamic quality made everything look somewhat dull.

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