HTC one M8 Review

hello friends! here we i am with you with a latest review of HTC mobiles Model Name is One M8. Its such a great handset. I am using this handset and its such a great experience which i am sharing with you all. Just read this Full Review and judge this Handset.

So lets talk about the Some Features and Everything about The New HTC One M8

HTC one M8 Review


Introduction and design

I’d would rather not be a telephone planner nowadays, attempting to accomplish novel and energizing gimmicks in a jaw dropping bundle for what is basically a screen with some additional odds and ends encompassing it.

So, its all the more amazing that HTC, crisp from making the most attractive telephone of 2013, has figured out how to make the HTC One (M8), a telephone packed loaded with force and incredible peculiarities while enhancing the plan that won it such a variety of awards.

The poor naming aside, the One (M8) is a telephone that takes the sublime DNA of a year ago’s gadget, enhances it in almost every zone and afterward packs it loaded with all the most recent technology…and still discovers space to pack in a microsd card opening.


As you can figure from the presentation, the HTC One (M8) is a telephone that is as much about premium plan as it is about pressing in the most recent variant of Android and a tolerable processor.

The brand took incredible agonies to bring up that the One (M8) is a telephone that expands on the legacy of a year ago’s One, yet enhances in pretty much every coliseum. The metal body is still there, and the aluminum packaging now makes up 90% of the casing, up from around 70% already.

Key features


With regards to Blinkfeed, HTC conceives that its got a nice overhaul in what its brought to Sense 6 on the HTC One (M8).

Genuine, its without a doubt enhanced over the past emphasis, and outwardly its been redesigned as well – now that you can pack topics onto the gadget, the shade coordination (naturally a pseudo-mint green) at slightest gives the application a character.

Power Pack

One of the fundamental reactions of the HTC One was the way that it truly figured out how to suck down battery when you really utilized the telephone intensely (I know, who does that, eh?).

It implied that on the off chance that you cleared out the telephone in the pocket, quietly tasting information and no doing much else, you could get a fair day’s utilization out of the gadget. Watch a motion picture or play an amusement for a really long time however and you’ll be searching for a charger around 4pm.

That issue was redressed to a degree with programming redesigns from HTC, however it was still one of the dicier gadgets on battery use.

Duo Camera and Smart Flash

Like the battery talk above, I’m not going to ruin the bigger area later one where I examine the cam power, however the new snapper on the back merits highlighting here as it really is the emerge characteristic (alongside the outline of the telephone) that will check out the HTC One (M8) from the opposition.

Yes, its still the same Ultrapixel engineering from a year ago, and its not been knock up much in the megapixel space. Really, not under any condition. Anyhow the yield is highly upgraded, and not simply in low light, prompting a more strong framework.

Boom Sound

HTC has made a huge effort to talk up its enhanced speakers on the front of the gadget, and it needs to, provided for its added such a great amount of size to the One (M8) to oblige them.

The uplifting news is they’re SO much better than a year ago, and the first One’s sound wasn’t terrible in any way.


In the last i wanna tell you one thing that you should use this handset at your own. and then judge about every features of this New HTC One M8. Just Share your Reviews about this handset in the comments below.
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