Asus ZenFone 5 Review

Hey Friends! Hope you are doing well. we always shop after checking review of that product so here i am with you with great handset Review. Asus Zenfone 5 is a great handset with very cool features. Key features and all Features will be discussed below. So, Lets move on to Review this Brand New Product.

Asus ZenFone 5 Review



It feels like a dreadful long time prior that Jonney Shih, the Chairman of Asus, remained up at CES in Las Vegas and with no lack of show declared the new ZenFone territory.

What’s more it is no astound that it feels like an age has passed, since it has been eight entire months between the declaration of the ZenFones and the units being made accessible for preorder by Asus in the UK.

The configuration of the ZenFone territory is from the start rather conventional and staid, however look somewhat deeper and there is a dreadful part to like. The textured plastic underneath the capacitive catches has a round example to it similar to the back of an Asus smart phone and the light sparkles off it in intriguing examples.

It is never occupying when utilizing the telephone yet it adds somewhat enthusiasm to an overall genuinely plain front.

The three models impart an in number family similarity and most interestingly Intel Atom frameworks on chip controlling them rather than the typical Qualcomm Snapdragon chips we have gotten to be so usual to. It is not consistently I get to take a gander at the back of a cell phone and see the Intel Inside logo.

Key Features

Asus is touting a wide cluster of intriguing gimmicks for the ZenFone 5, a considerable lot of them extraordinary at this end of the cell phone market.

The screen has a quick touch reaction time and you can tell. It is super responsive and a genuine joy to utilize.

With a quick touch reaction, scrolling feels more prompt and everything feels more straightforward. It is a piece of what has made a percentage of the leader HTC gadgets recently give off an impression of being such a great amount of quicker than the opposition and the same trap has been pulled off here.

As the what tops off an already good thing for the screen, it has a glove mode for extra affectability when wearing gloves, which will doubtlessly be valuable through winter.

Join this quick touch reaction with a genuinely effective chipset and the ZenFone 5 unquestionably feels speedier than other mid-range Android telephones. It has a quickness in its response to inputs that is missing even from a few telephones costing more than twice as much.

Asus has a fairly pleasant looking Zen Case that is a book style flip-spread for the screen. There is likewise a round removed on the front through which you can see the time and notices.

Interface and Performance

Seeing a gadget dispatch as of now with Android 4.3 is baffling yet that is the thing that has happened with the ZenFone 5, in any event the model I have audited. The consideration of Asus’ moderately new Zen UI does mollify the blow a bit.

Zen UI is a full Android skin along the lines of the HTC Sense or Samsung’s TouchWiz however is really closest in configuration to the LG G-UI that appeared on the LG G3. It is doubtful that Asus arrived at that point first with the vivid and level configuration dialect that HTC and LG have since reported yet regardless, it is sufficient to say that the Zen UI looks incredible.

The lock screen has three customisable application alternate routes – simply tap them to dispatch the related application. Of course there is additionally the what’s next gadget which demonstrates your next few datebook arrangements as well. The current climate is likewise demonstrate.

I was persistently astonished at how well the ZenFone 5 performed. Obviously there were the odd moderate downs and dropped edges in movements, this is after each of the a mid-reach telephone at a focused value point, however regardless it is great.

Battery and The Essentials

Battery Life

In the standard TechRadar battery test, which includes playing a feature for 90 minutes at a shine of 300 lux (or full brilliance), the 2110mAh force cell in the ZenFone 5 dropped from completely charged to 78% force remaining.

At first glance, this is a respectable result given the five-inch showcase and mid-extent value point on offer here. As dependably with regards to battery however, this is not the complete story. In my utilization I have been a bit disillusioned with the perseverance of the ZenFone 5.

Standby force channel is truly great, in the event that you leave the telephone doing nothing it appears to taste control productively. Yet the inadequacies of the Intel Atom stage begin to show themselves when you begin utilizing the gadget. I think the chip needs to strive to guarantee great execution and this is influencing battery life.

The Essentials

Asus has made an incredible showing giving the ZenFone 5 great cell gathering. I am for the most part saw stronger flag and better information exchange rates with the ZenFone than with different telephones in comparable areas. There is most likely an advantage to utilizing plastic to assemble a telephone.

Shockingly however, the Wi-Fi gathering can be a bit frail. As I moved further from my switch, the sign dropped off quicker than I would anticipate. It is not ghastly, however is recognizable.

The Asus music application is appealing and incorporates playlist help and the capacity to stamp certain collections or tracks as top picks. You can likewise get to your most played tracks as an extraordinary playlist. It is considerably sufficiently cunning to provide for you the alternative to load music up from your distributed storage supplier including Dropbox, OneDrive and Drive and in addition Asus’ own WebStorage advertising.


Asus has supplied the ZenFone 5 with a 8MP cam with a f/2.0 opening lens and a LED streak that ought to help it take better pictures in all conditions. It additionally has Asus’ restrictive PixelMaster innovation that is intended to help you take proficient quality photographs.

Utilizing the cam is a basic yet amazingly adaptable undertaking given the cam application that the ZenFone 5 accompanies. On stacking it up you can take a picture or begin catching a feature instantly. While this double ability can help begin videoing quicker, things can be difficult to casing as the most astounding determination pictures are in a 4:3 viewpoint proportion and feature is caught at 16:9.

There are different modes accessible, got to by tapping the catch in the base right corner. Time rewind begins catching pictures before you press the screen catch and is truly valuable. You get to pick the best picture from a group of stills caught two seconds prior to pressing the catch and one second after.


It may have taken sooner or later to arrive, however the Asus ZenFone 5 is justified regardless of the hold up. Asus has figured out how to make an incredible mid-range cell phone that punches over its weight in numerous regions.

While it does cost somewhat more than a percentage of the opposition, the ZenFone figures out how to pack a considerable measure into sensibly appealing configuration. There’s a stunning expansive screen, awesome execution, tolerable network and an above normal cam. It is just somewhat let around its failing to meet expectations battery.

We Liked

An extensive brilliant and sharp screen with super quick touch reaction makes the ZenFone 5 phenomenal in all conditions.

Zen UI offers an appealing and helpful Android skin that doesn’t appear to effect execution whatsoever.

An above normal cam improves the ZenFone 5 an all rounder than most at this value point.

We Disliked

The battery in the ZenFone 5 is littler than most in likewise measured telephones and perseverance endures. Landing with an out-dated variant of Android hoses energy over the pleasant Zen UI.

The ZenFone 5 is bigger than most different telephones with a five-inch screen and the bezels are truly detectable.

No backdrop illumination on the oddly divided capacitive catches can be an issue particularly in dull situations.


In the event that you are not worried around 4G or being an adaptation behind on the product, the ZenFone 5 is anything but difficult to prescribe. It is an extremely convincing bundle having an awesome screen, better than average cam, great execution and a pleasant programming skin. The main gadget that approaches is the Moto G.

Asus ought to have discharged the ZenFone 5 eight months back. Had Asus done that, it may have pushed it to the highest point of the mid-range Android class. As it may be, Asus passes up a great opportunity not by having a feeble gadget, rather it is the timing that appears to be off-base.

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